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Enjoy the premium location that San Juan City provides. While being within a short distance of the country's business hubs, Baron Tower's unique location is also within the quiet confines of the residential suburbs. Live at the top and center of everything, as you combine the best of both worlds.

Should you be worried about location when choosing a real estate property? Well, most people would answer yes to this question but what defines a perfect location? These are the most critical things that every potential homeowner should ask before deciding to invest in a real estate property. If you are moving in alone without kids, you need to ask yourself what will happen when children come along. If you succeed to get this part right, you will live peacefully and not worry about anything. Baron Tower meets all your needs whether you are an individual or a family.

Located in Wilson, San Juan, Metro Manila, Baron Tower gives you access to the best shopping centers, schools, hospitals and other essentials of life. Whether you are purchasing to live in or just as an investment for sale later, Baron Tower is the best among all other properties that you might be considering out there. It would, however, be great to invest and live in this great location because of its proximity to your places of interest. If you’ve never had a taste of what it means to live to the fullest, then give a try to Baron Tower, and you’ll experience enjoy the best moments with your family. Besides that, your kids will have the best schools such as:

  • La Salle Greenhills
  • Immaculate Conception Academy
  • TLC Learning Center
  • Xavier School

Where else can you assure your children the best education if not in this beautiful part of Metro Manila? Indeed, the Baron Tower is the center of everything. Living here means being on top of everything and enjoying the best that urban living has for you. You might also want to consider the future possibilities regarding value and developments. Well, this being an urban location, you can rest assured that things are going to change gradually going into the future. If you are looking for a place to invest, then this is the best location. Rest assured that the value of the unit you’ll purchase won’t be the same in a few years into the future. It’s time to move into a lively community where you not only enjoy luxury but also realize your goal of giving your family the best home.

Baron Tower provides convenience especially to professionals who would like to avoid wasting time to and from work. Once you are here, you won’t be getting worried again about the usual stress of waking up early, so you arrive at your place of work on time. Baron Tower makes it easy to access conveniently whichever part of Metro Manila. That’s why it’s ideal for family men and women who would like to give quality time to their loved ones after work and during weekends.  One of the best ways of improving productivity both at home and place of work is by keeping time. The location of your home has an influence your daily job. Therefore, invest in Baron Tower experience the joy and perks of living in a conveniently located luxurious condominium.


  • Xavier School
  • Immaculate Conception Academy
  • La Salle Greenhills
  • TLC Learning Center

Commercial Establishments

  • Greenhills Shopping Center 
  • Shangri la Mall
  • Robinson’s Galleria
  • Megamall
  • Robinson’s Magnolia
  • Rustan’s P. Guevarra


  • Cardinal Santos Hospital
  • UERM Hospital
  • St. Luke's Hospital
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